EcoFlow™ 5 Mode ECO-533/Chrome

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Product Description

Experience the same superior shower performance you've come to expect from Waterpik® brand shower heads without wasting a drop – of money or water. The EcoFlow™ water-saving shower head, the latest innovation in eco-friendly technology, saves up to one gallon of water a minute and features five powerful spray settings, plus an exclusive fingertip pause control to use when shampooing, conditioning or shaving. This efficient low-flow shower head pays for itself in just six months – saving you more than $90 annually on your water bill.

Key features:
  • 3½" Round Shower Head
  • Advanced OptiFLOW Technology
  • Easy-Clean Nozzles
  • Spray Control Lever
  • Adjustable Head
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Flow Pause

Spray Modes:
  • Full-Body Coverage
  • Concentrated Fan Spray
  • Misting
  • Circular Massage/Mist
  • Circular Massage

Commercial accounts wishing to purchase low-flow shower products should contact 1-800-766-7338.