Elements™ 5 Mode - TRS-553/Chrome

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Product Description

Treat yourself better® to a 2-in-1 shower system that allows you to enjoy 5 unique spray settings on the fixed-mount shower head and hand shower, alone or combined. Now you can choose any combination that will fit what is best for you. Its advanced OptiFLOW® technology provides up to 30% more water force for a more wondrous power of water.

Key Features:
  • 3½" round shower head
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Advanced OptiFLOW® technology
  • Easy-clean nozzles
  • Removable flow regulator

Spray Modes:
  • Full-body coverage
  • Strong pulsating massage
  • Light massage
  • Misting
  • Full-body/massage combination

This item may not be shipped to any of the boroughs of New York City.