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WAT SM-451

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Shower Massage 4 Mode - SM-451/White

The close relative to our original fixed-mount Shower Massage, this handheld provides freedom in the shower with a 5-foot hose while delivering a satisfying showering experience with 4 unique spray modes. Release the day's tension as the pulsating massage setting invigorates your entire body or relax under the gentle, soothing spray.

This is the massaging shower head that started it all. The Original Shower Massage® features the Waterpik® exclusive Turbo Massage Technology that delivers an incredibly satisfying, high-performance shower at virtually any water pressure.

Key features:
  • 3½" Round Shower Head
  • Spray Control Ring
  • Removable Flow Regulator
  • 5-Ft. Vinyl Hose
  • Lifetime Warranty

Spray Modes:
  • Full-Body Coverage
  • Strong Pulsating Massage
  • Light Massage
  • Full-Body/Massage Combination

This item may not be shipped to any of the boroughs of New York City.